About Write Now Poetry Society




Write Now Poetry Society is a 510c3 nonprofit organization, co-founded in 2007 by actress/author Amber Tamblyn and poet Mindy Nettifee.  Write Now is dedicated to finding ways to connect audiences and readers with great poets, and championing the kind of heart-breaking soul-easing mind-blowingly good poetry that knows a jugular when it sees one.

Write Now has a vision for a larger role for poetry and spoken word in contemporary culture. Like great theatre, or even great political speech, great poetry performed in its proper context can be tranformative in the lives of those who witness it. The Drums Inside Your Chest, part of Write Now's Best Contemporary American Poetry Series, is an annual show produced in the theatres of Los Angeles. It showcases the best poets writing and performing in the Unted States alongside magicians and musicians, and is a highbrow experiment in creating these kinds of inspiring and transformative experiences.


The nut: Write Now Poetry Societyis a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the audience for great poetry through performance, education, publishing and grant-making.

The shell: Write Now believes the intertwining arts of writing, reading and performing poetry are fundamental vehicles for personal and societal transformation and are keys to greater literacy, eco-awareness, self-actualization and socio-economic transcendence. To ensure the preservation of poetry and enhance its relevance to contemporary culture, Write Now works to build the audience for poetry in permanent, meaningful ways.  Write Now accomplishes this mission by producing and curating innovative poetry events; supporting poetry organizations and communities with promotional services and leadership development; and working to identify, inspire, record, and publish poets who are both great writers and outstanding performers.


Write Now Poetry Society is currently operated by a small and dedicated group of volunteers serving on the Board of Directors and various committees. We are always looking for believers to add to the team. To learn more about how you can get involved, email us!  Write to director @ writenowpoets.org.